What are Facebook Reality Labs and Facebook Connect?

At Facebook Connect 2020, 7th edition of the annual VR conference, we have a good clarity on what is Facebook Reality Labs and Connect

At the beginning of the Facebook Connect 2020, Mark Zuckerberg gave a good explanation on what Facebook’s new group – Facebook Reality Labs will include. Till now Facebook’s efforts in its augmented and virtual reality efforts were scattered under various teams. In an efforts to consolidate everything under one umbrella, Facebook has made Facebook reality labs. 

Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) is working towards research and development in augmented and virtual reality fields with one goal of connecting people and bringing the world close together. The FRL is working to build the next powerful computing platform around immersive technologies which will connect people with their loved ones around the world irrespective of the physical distance between them. Facebook Reality Labs will go beyond just Oculus brand and virtual reality and dive deeper into augmented reality, research, neural interfaces, developing home and office wearables, softwares that make virtual and augmented experiences smooth and more integrated into our daily lives.

Every initiative undertaken by Facebook going forth in immersive technologies will come under the Facebook reality labs group. Facebook Connect, which was previously called Oculus Connect will become one annual conference to discuss everything done by Facebook’s FRL.

Amongst all the announcements made at the Facebook Connect 2020, what stood out for us was Project Aria which will be focused into research that will help build better AR and VR softwares. Tie up with Luxottica for Ray Ban smart glasses got a rave reaction from the audiences online. Mark Zuckerberg also hinted at AR Glasses by Facebook that will follow the smart glasses. Oculus Quest 2, priced at $299 was announced along with a range of gaming softwares that will take the immersive game experience to an entirely new level. Facebook Reality Labs has a lot going for it and coming years will be quite exciting for the AR & VR developers as well as consumers.

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