Metaverse Decoded – Meaning and Implications Explained in Easy Language

by ARandVRTech

There have always been theories of alternate reality or a parallel universe, which nor science nor magic has ever been able to prove. Hence, we humans have taken it upon ourselves to build one. Introducing to the uninitiated the concepts of Metaverse.

Metaverse is a digital alternate reality which will enable humans to coexist in a fantasised and simulated reality. It could be an exact replica of the world as we know today or maybe inspired from the far far away lands of the Shire or Hogwarts. Metaverse holds the potential to become this space which will enable humans to perform various activities enabled through technology. Imagine it to be Keanu Reeves Matrix if you will.

Visualised and designed through high end graphics and computer generated images, bought to life using virtual reality and made transactional using blockchain and cryptocurrency, metaverse makes use of all the technologies available today. It brings them together to work seamlessly, bringing to life a new digital land of dreams.

Meta refers to anything that is beyond and additional to an existing entity. Metaverse refers to an addition to our own universe. No wonder Facebook quickly renamed itself to ‘Meta’ is an attempt to ace the naming convention and branding war.

Let’s paint a simple scenario of what constitutes within metaverse and how we humans will be able to interact within this digital technology. In this land you will obviously need an Avatar to simulate your person. The day is not far away where your exact replica will also be installed (wishful thinking? No, just a matter of time). Blockchain will make metaverse an open economy, the one which will be owned by its people, not by the governments, there will be no third parties in these metaverse transactions. You will be able to buy a plot or a vehicle, take your loved one out on a date, hold work meetings and even join a work out dance session. You will be able to experience AR within VR, watch movie with your loved ones living in different continents but together in this virtual space. Metaverse though understandably be devoid of human touch and feelings, but will blur geographical boundaries further. It is closer to virtual reality applications, but on a different scale altogether. For metaverse to not remain just another fad or entertainment application, it will need to have mass adoption, implementation and acceptance as a part and parcel of our lives. 

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