The Technology Behind Location-Based Augmented Reality Gaming

One of the types of augmented reality is location based augmented reality. It used technologies like GPS and SLAM. Let us discuss GPS based AR gaming technology.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are both very popular when it comes to gaming, but it must be said that the former offers a significantly more freeing experience than the latter. Whereas VR requires you to build and establish a complicated set-up and only allows you to move around within a confined room, AR completely adapts to your surroundings. The technology behind augmented reality was introduced to the gaming world many years ago, and many people believed that AR gaming would become an instant hit.

Most people were and still are fascinated by the idea of AR gaming, especially location-based AR games. The reason behind this fascination is that these games are capable of using the technology in your phone to merge your surrounding environment with the game itself. One example of this is the very popular Pokémon GO, based on the highly popular animated TV series. This game brought players’ favourite Pokémon into their very homes with the help of augmented reality technology. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how these games do this, you aren’t the only one.

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The technology behind location-based AR games isn’t as complicated as most believe. These types of games usually run on smartphones and use only 4 main components while doing so. Two of these are the accelerometer and digital compass which are already built-in. Accelerometers are small little chips found inside pretty much every modern smartphone and are used to measure and sense movements and vibrations. The digital compass on the other hand, obviously helps the application determine the exact direction of players as they move.

The other 2 main components are GPS technology and the camera on your phone. The GPS technology is used to pinpoint your exact location and movements as you play the game, while the camera is used to scan your environments and bring elements of the game into the said environment. Most of the popular location-based AR games like Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and more, use this technology to provide you with an impressive experience.

AR games are finally starting to get the attention that they deserve, as they’re much more popular now than they were initially. With the constant improvements being made in the technology, it is only fair for players to expect more improvements in augmented reality and many more immersive experiences.  

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