The popular book and show The Witcher gets its own augmented reality based game

by ARandVRTech

The Witcher: Monster slayer will be a location based augmented reality based game which will be available both on iOS and Android.

The Witcher is a famous fantasy novel by author Andrzej Sapkowski which has also been adopted as a Netflix series starring Henry Cavill. It also has video game adaptations. The latest to add to this famous fantasy fiction’s trans media storytelling experience is a location based augmented reality game. This game will be available both on android as well as iOS. 

The game is being produced by Warsaw based CD PROJEKT RED’s Spollo studio. It is said that the game will be somewhat like Pokemon Go. It will use location, time of the day as well as weather conditions to present with challenges. Users will also be able to craft potions in order to fight off the monsters.

The Witcher: Monster slayer augmented reality game is expected to launch later this year.

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