PM Modi Says Go Vocal For Local Virtual Reality Game Development

On the 68th episode of Mann ki baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocates game development in India with Indianised content.

Mann ki baat is a radio programme hosted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he addresses the nation on topics which are close to his heart and will lead to a better future of Indian economy.

On the 68th episode, Modi focused on going vocal for local in toys and game development for kids. Toys are integral part of a child’s growing up years and it is important to design them with a focus to stimulate cognitive brain development.

Modi invited Indian startups to focus on development of virtual reality games in India with Indianised content. He said that even if we are already designing games in India, the content is westernised. India being vastly rich and diverse in its culture, traditions and has ample mythological tales to tell, there is a huge scope of coming out with Indian content for game development.

Modi emphasised that India has a huge potential for designing high quality toys and games for kids as well as adults and become self-reliant in the industry.

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