7 Factors Leading To Growth In Virtual Reality Gaming

by Itika Singhal

Gamers are loving the new immersive as well as socially collaborative experience VR gaming brings to the table. Let’s discuss some of the reasons that contribute to the rise of VR gaming industry.

Virtual reality gaming has been around for a while now, however, adoption of VR gaming by users has increased only in the recent past. There have been several positive enhancements and contributing factor for increased adoption, both in casual as well as serious gamers, which was not present previously. With advancements in research and development, better product design and experience, gamers are now looking towards virtual reality gaming for an ultimate immersive as well as a social experience. Whichever category of gamers you belong to, be it serious competitive types, for fun and leisure, combat or arcade game over, there is something for everyone.

Some of the contributing factors to the increase in VR gaming industry are –

1. Immersive games and experience:

Nobody will ever say no to a three dimensional 360-degree complete immersive experience which virtual reality offers. Irrespective of where you are present physically, you are put in a different world, say one from your dreams maybe. You become a part of the simulated environment, be it that of a high on energy combat games or leisure type arcade games, be it neon colours Beat Saber or the VR game inspired by the legendary Star Wars, you enter an alternate reality and do and act as you would in a real world. Gamers are loving this new mode of gaming, the experience and are ready to explore more!

2. Better haptics:

With increased R&D and introduction of haptic feedback in virtual reality there has been a renewed interest by the end-user. Introduction of haptics has also allowed gaming content creators to design and develop newer and challenging VR games. Initially, virtual reality had been about only viewing through a VR display, no sense of touch or manipulating virtual objects with your hand was involved. Then came handheld controllers with which interactions in the virtual world were possible. Haptics gloves and vest have also been introduced which have allowed for better feedback and high precision. Researchers are also now working on direct usage of hands without controllers. This sense of touch and interaction with virtual objects has taken VR gaming to a new level.

3. Multi-Gamer Settings:

From individual experience to having your friends and family with you in the virtual world, VR gaming has truly transformed. We have reached the level of development where you can play VR games as teams in the simulated setting. This creates a social experience of being in virtual reality with your friends and playing a high energy game. How about a beating the enemy in a combat game or solve complex puzzles with your friends and family. What a virtual family event it would be! The Experience virtual gaming creates is unparalleled and better than that in console gaming.

4. Low cost of devices:

It is a fact that initially, the price of VR headsets was one of the main reasons why they weren’t so widely accepted. However, reducing these prices and making them pro-consumer has attracted a larger number of users to virtual reality. gaming. With advancements in VR technology and manufacturing in countries like India and China is helping to lower the cost of devices and make it affordable for the end consumer. Launched in the year 2020, Oculus Quest 2 priced at USD 299 is already giving Playstation and Xbox run for their money.

5. Portability vs short cable tethering:

While AR games are certainly great when it comes to portability, the same cannot be said for VR games and devices. Establishing a virtual reality set-up until now was not only quite expensive but also a difficult task to do. The hassle of managing this set-up and all its components are a reason why many people did not like to use VR gaming. Most VR setups for gaming need to be connected to a specialised console or laptop to enable VR experiences. Now we have both longer cables for free movement and even a VR standalone head-mounted display which does not require a cable tethering, making VR gaming more lucrative.

6. Longer battery life:

With the advancement in research and development of virtual reality devices, we are now getting to quickly rechargeable batteries and even replaceable battery packs. Though these VR devices consume battery fast, replacing the battery packs on time can allow for uninterrupted VR experience.

7. Better immersive content availability: 

Most virtual reality headset manufacturers are also proving their software development kits and are also supporting game designers by allowing them to access their designer community and playtest their games amongst their customer databases. This allows for increased interest in game developers to work on virtual reality games and is one of the reasons for the increase in VR game development.

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