Virtual Reality Education Labs – Meta Kalvi Becomes Tamil Nadu’s First For Schools in Chennai

by ARandVRTech

Kalvi in tamil translated to education. Meta Kalvi i.e. Meta Education labs are now a part of three government schools and two corporation schools in Chennai.

The great Indian story is always progressing and to many it is quickly becoming more inspiring and lucrative. Corporations outside India have for long greatly benefitted out of the vast available opportunities but now the narrative is changing. The people of India are becoming more enterprising and empowered. They are not only contributing greatly to the development of India but also front footing India on the global stage.

Maynikara, a Chennai based AR VR startup launched five virtual reality labs and learning method for schools. The initiative taken along with the government of Tamil Nadu aims to bring a technological revolution for education within the state. Being the first of it’s kind in India, this will become an example for other state ministries to follow. The Meta Kalvi labs have been made operational in three government schools and two corporation schools to begin with in Chennai.

Things that are visually seen and understood are bound to garner more interest than just textual knowledge. What once videos did for education sector, virtual reality will take to the next level altogether. Understanding concepts in an interactive three dimensional setup will lead to an engaging and immersive experience and enable better understanding and mind retention.

The Meta Kalvi labs as of now are for science and mathematics for classes 6th to 9th for TN state board Samacheer Kalvi syllabus in English and Tamil. This would be extended further across subjects, class levels and schools. Around 20 virtual reality headsets will be installed in each lab on the school premises. A curriculum will be created and teachers will be trained to implement the same and evaluate the students.

Cover photo credit: twitter/@metakalvi

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