Student’s E-avatars Attend IIT Bombay’s Convocation in Virtual Reality Mode

by ARandVRTech

IIT Bombay has brilliantly hosted 58th annual convocation virtually with over 2000 student’s E-avatars

COVID 19 Pandemic is changing the way world operates and one of the stellar examples is the innovative virtual convocation held by IIT Bombay. Keeping in mind the social distancing and safety measures, 58th annual convocation was held in virtual reality mode.

A student graduates with sense of pride and achievement and what better to be graduating in a e-avatar style from a top technology institute in India. The virtual conference held by IIT Bombay was one of its kind which had e-avatars of students warm up to the dais and collect degrees from e-avatars of the chief guests. 

Senate videographed Individually and assembled digitally

Each medal winner were able to see themselves receiving the medal from the chief guest as virtual avatars on their mobile phones via IIT Bombay convocation 2020 mobile application. The senate which during the convocation was seen all assembled were videographer separately and assembled digitally.

Though there have been mixed reviews pouring online about the quality of execution, but what one needs to understand is that early adoption phase of any technology, especially as intriguing and immersive as virtual reality takes time and many interactions before perfection. The efforts put in by IIT Bombay to host this convocation in virtual reality mode are commendable.

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