Explore Interactive brings Augmented Reality Platform For Students in STEM Education

by ARandVRTech

Explore interactive is a startup affiliate to Purdue University, bringing gamification to education via Augmented Reality

Indiana, United States – During COVID-19 pandemic when schools are shut and there is disruption in classroom education for students, technology is facilitating interactive game play and learning for students. Explore Interactive brings an augmented reality platform for students in interactive & immersive STEM education. STEM is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Explore Interactive has worked with education professionals and students from across United States to develop a MindLabs platform, which brings students together to work on STEM challenges and conduct open ended design and play. 

Gone are the days when summer camp used to be about being under the blue sky, on lush green grass with your friends. Meantime to make most of what we are left with due to the pandemic, a virtual summer camp will be held in first week of August for kids age 8-12 years. 

“Our newest product, MindLabs, extends the foundational Explore platform to allow kids to collaborate remotely on engineering and design of circuits,” said Amanda Thompson, CEO of Explore Interactive.

Thompson said the MindLabs platform unlocks the potential of augmented reality to deliver analytics of soft skills like collaboration and hard skills like systems thinking through applied, hands-on design and troubleshooting, a far more effective approach, it says, compared with worksheets and multiple-choice tests.

“In the current remote learning environment, MindLabs is a solution for teachers who have very limited options for students to engage collaboratively on STEM projects,” Thompson said.

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