CleverBooks With 3DBear Offer Engaging Augmented Reality Content for Education

Ireland based CleverBooks offer curriculum based augmented reality education content in form of back to school bundle.

CleverBooks is a company in education sector that uses Augmented Reality and provides curriculum based resources in STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 3DBear App can be used to create immersive classroom experiences via augmented reality. 

CleverBooks and 3DBear have come together to announce a new back to school bundle, where students explore and create to learn on all 6 levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. Subjects in the bundle include geography, social studies, biology, and Space exploration. For those who are not familiar with the term Bloom’s taxonomy, it refers to a set of three hierarchical models which classify education into levels of complexity and specificity. 

Augmented Reality motivates students to participate and learn through various engaging activities, which is accessible anywhere, remotely or from a school. Augmented reality makes learning more participative and immersive and hence enjoyable, easy to understand and retain.

The global augmented, and virtual reality (AR/VR) in education market size is projected to grow to EUR 17.3 billion by 2023. North America, followed by Europe, has the highest market share in the AR/VR in education.

“In these times when teachers may not have all the face-time they would like with their classes, the task of motivating and engaging students becomes paramount. That’s why we felt the partnership with CleverBooks could give teachers a real leg up.” said Jussi Kajala, 3DBear cofounder

Dr. Inna Armstrong, cofounder of CleverBooks, asserted, “We founded CleverBooks because we love to watch children learning, and with both CleverBooks and 3DBear so grounded in proven pedagogical practices, this partnership really helps teachers and students connect with their subjects.”

In addition to over 50 individual lessons, educators have access to three comprehensive lesson plans that cross academic disciplines: Biomes and EcosystemsHeritage and Places of Interest, and Space Travel.

CleverBooks though based out of Ireland, Dublin sell their resources internationally in 23 countries through distributors and partners.

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