Become a Virtual Explorer at Facebook Horizon, Beta Testing to Commence

Explore, play and create with others in virtual reality, immerse yourself in an amazing social experience.

Facebook Horizon empowers it’s users with powerful virtual reality content creation tools. Build the things they wish to see, places they wish to visit or their own fantasy world. Horizon invites technology enthusiasts to sign up for the invite only beta testing and explore the virtual reality experiences created by the entire community.

Horizon’s mission is to create meaningful connections between people and foster a strong sense of community for everyone who joins it. The beta testing invite only sign ups are an attempt to gather the early adopters together, get constructive feedbacks, evolve horizon along the way and grow Horizon community.

Some of the interesting features include joining a party to chat together while you explore Horizon, check out featured worlds in Horizon Plaza, search published works by name and find new places to explore.

“Walking through your world, and being proud of what you made, has been the most rewarding aspect,” says Horizon creator Clint Ferguson, who built a jungle-themed adventure world. “Easy collaborative building tools bring your ideas to life. Horizon lets you be as detailed and creative as your imagination will allow.”

Since this is a collaborative environment, focus has been laid on safety and privacy of the Horizon users. It will be easier to submit reports and address issues. There will be an option of coming in your own personal safe zone. Once there, the user will be able to mute, block or report people and content around them.

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