Apple TV+ to take storytelling to next level with Augmented reality content

by ARandVRTech

In addition to Apple TV+ streaming content, subscribers will be able to enjoy additional AR content via their iPhones and iPads

Apple Inc is all set to embrace Augmented reality technology for its Apple TV+ content. It is a new innovative attempt to get and retain subscribers to its digital streaming platform. 

The new Augmented reality based features will have subscribers experience story telling in a new way. As reported by Bloomberg, The elements from a TV show will be seen augmented on user’s real surrounding via an apple mobile phone or tablet. For example, someone watching a moon-walking scene in the Apple show “For All Mankind” might be able to see a virtual lunar rover on their device’s display, seemingly perched atop their living room coffee table. 

As reported, Augmented Reality is to now become central to upcoming iPhones. iPhones will include the Lidar 3-D scanners used in the latest iPad Pro, making AR apps quicker to load and giving them a better sense of their environment.

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