Virtual Reality is the future of online dating

by ARandVRTech

Online dating is the new normal and virtual reality is taking it to a next level. With VR dating apps people have a shot at greater bonding and building relationship with each other as there are a lot more activities to do rather than just have an audio or video call.

“When can I meet the love of my life again?!”.

While the world was quivering under the onslaught of the pandemic, this is the thought that probably hit a fair few people. Some were just trapped indoors with the global lockdown, and some had to be quarantined away from their loved ones for days together. With social distancing came emotional distancing. The old rules of what makes the relationship tick are not applicable in these unprecedented times. While things are going back to normal, pandemic has accelerated the assimilation of digital technologies into almost all phases of life.

Love in the 21st century is complex and VR Dating apps come to the rescue of mankind! While the concept of avatar dating apps is still new, special circumstances require special tools, hence the case for VR being the future of online dating.

Let’s understand virtual reality and social VR first.

Virtual reality allows people to exist in a digital world with the help of headsets. This digital world is completely removed from real life, it could be a fantasized dreamland or a simulation of reality. VR Dating is an application of Social VR where people can exist, collaborate, and perform various activities together. With the internet, the world has come closer, and applications of Social VR will slowly but surely blur these geographical boundaries further.

VR dating apps publishers today are making it available on major VR devices like Oculus and HTC Vive, allowing people to meet and date in virtual reality via their holographic avatars, which by the way are customisable and cool. Atleast somebody is enabling technology to bring so much love to this world. Gen alpha is totally going to have new age digital meet-cute stories in virtual reality.

Here are some reasons why VR will be the future of online dating:

1. Minimizes long-distance relationship problems

Long-distance relationships can complicate things when you’re not able to meet the person physically, sit and eat with them at the same table, feel their touch and understand their vibe. With a VR dating app, you get an opportunity to enhance your relationship by being able to do common activities of interest together and have a sense of bonding. So it does not matter if your match is on the other side of the world. Real-world dates are limited by nearby activities, but in VR, you can play ping pong, ride roller-coaster, and go to Paris, all on your first date.

2. Adds depth to online dating

With VR dating apps, you get to be in the presence of your date via virtual avatars. There is a feeling of companionship. Audio as well a visual presence of the person in VR enhances communication and makes it more immersive.

3. More activities to do together

Online dating is the new normal today, even though it has found its success, it comes with great ups and downs. You can spend time with people who are like-minded and get to know them better in VR. Dating is people making choices and decisions about other people. It is important to go beyond superficial things. For those who consider themselves sapiosexual and are all about brains over brawn, virtual reality dating apps have so many activities on offer, go figure!

4. Dating coaches

Fact that your someone special is probably just around the corner in virtual reality is bound to give you jitters. VR dating apps now also have inbuilt features of having dating coaches, who can give you helpful tips on how to carry yourself. You could have guided rehearsal before you hit the VR date!

5. Avoid Fraud and Harassment

With online dating on mobile apps, you cannot always be sure of the person unless you meet them and get to know them. There are always physical and financial dangers. In VR dating applications, you don’t have to worry about meeting strangers, you can go on virtual dates from within the comfort of your own home without worrying about your safety. You can meet the person and get to know them before deciding if you would like to move ahead in the relationship.

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