Augmented Reality in Automotive Industry – Manufacturing, Sales and Self Driving Cars

by Itika Singhal

Augmented reality holds the power to change each and every process in automotive industry. Be it design and development, manufacturing, testing, sales, repair and services, safety or vehicle operational accessories like navigation or audio systems.

Internet of things and automated driver assistance systems are changing our vehicles and how we interact with them. It’s no longer as simple as a manual or automatic drive and reading the panels on your dashboard. IoT and ADAS coupled with Augmented reality are changing the entire communication process with the vehicle, making it more intuitive and efficient.

This is not just limited to end user interacting with the vehicle, augmented reality is changing every process involved in the automotive industry, we explain how –

AR and Automotive Design:

Translating visualisation into functional design is the key when it comes to designing a product. Automotive design is a complex combination of design visualisation and car components working cohesively to give a great look powered by great performance. Augmented reality is capable of providing assistance to designers who can visualise their design around a car’s components in a three dimensional space.

Augmented Reality aiding manufacturing in automotive industry:

Augmented reality can be used in automotive manufacturing processes quite effectively. An AR application can help a technician see what car components go exactly where in in their field of vision minimising errors and time delays. Any manual calibrations or processes get aided by augmented reality applications which helps in easy implementation of complex processes. Even training and development of new workforce gets quite easy as AR glasses can be deployed for accurate skill transfer.

Augmented reality enabled showrooms for vehicle sales:

Augmented reality in automotive sales can be quite an immersive experience. In future, there will be no showrooms sprawled over large spaces. Infant these will be compact showrooms which will use augmented reality applications to showcase the car of your choice. Imagine it like putting together the car of your choice using an AR glass. This changes the whole car buying experience and is also cost effective for car dealers.

AR in automotive repairs and servicing:

Repairing and servicing of a car requires extensive knowledge of the vehicle along with utmost car and attention because there is no room for error. Augmented reality applications using an AR glass can provide an instructive manual right in the worker’s field of vision, guiding him through every step of the process. Infact, AR manuals can also be used by car owners quite effectively.

Augmented reality helps ensuring Road Safety: 

Road safety has always been a serious point of discussion in the automotive industry. Augmented reality can help put information to forewarn about potential obstacles on the road, pedestrians jumping out of nowhere, distance between cars, speed limits etc right on your windscreen. 

AR and automotive vehicle operational accessories and equipments:

vehicle operational accessories may include navigation systems, speedometers, audio systems to name a few. You can have holographic navigation systems augmented over your vehicle screen to actually guide you with markers. You can have other details like who is calling on your phone, what the weather conditions be like, what music to play, estimated time of arrivals, fuel indicators etc all in an intelligent and intuitive way in your field of vision while allowing you to focus on the road simultaneously!

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